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IoT Device Management Platforms

IoT Device Management Platforms empower business to remotely manage the Internet of Things(IoT) devices within their ecosystems. Sometimes these platforms are simply called "connected device platforms" but that shortened moniker underscores their greatest value: lifecycle management.

Data is your best asset, but only if you know how to interpret it. When harnessed by the riht tools. It can be the competitive differentiar that puts your organization far ahead of the rest.

data from proprietary platforms are raw and isolated. This fragmented view of your IoT data makes managing your business effectively a near impossibility. Simertic's platform consolidates your data streams into a single pane of glass to give you unprecedented visibility into your past, present, and fuure IoT ecosstem.

We show you data you've never seen before, in a way you've never seen it, to reveal risk and opportunity within your business. instantly spot costly anomalies, nnecessary IoT expenditure and compare carriers right on your dashboard. Or, chose from over 200 device attributes to generate custom reports to better serve your needs. We even offer third party data integration and enrichment to provide even deeper insight into your IoT ecosystem.


pauldea track irnss is an ais140 based intelligent vehicle tracking system approved by arai (automotive research association of india.)

Key Features

Tow Alarm

The device can be set to alert you whenever the vehicle is being towed, meaning that if its beng moved while the ignition is off.

Speed Alert

The device can be set to alert you whenever the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

Input & Outputs

2X Digital Inputs, 1x Analog Input, 2X Digital Outputs, 1X RFID/Dallas Reader Input.

Excessive Idling

Reduce fuel cost and save money by addressing excessive vehicle idling issues by automated alert & reports.

Anti Tamper Alert

Get noticed instantly, if the tracker has been unplugged or has regained power after it has been plugged back in.


A Geofence is a virtual border that you can manually setup when your vehicle crosses that border,you are instantly notified

Global Positioning

Better accuracy using the latest global GNSS positioning system that combines GPS + IRNSS.

Mechanical Dimensions

Dimensions 137 x 79 x 37mm
Weight 190g.


App Screens

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